Lupron Day Who the hell cares

The glamour and novelty of injecting myself with drugs every morning has officially worn off.  AF started Tuesday night and has proven to be her usually pain in the ass self. You would think that because AF comes so infrequently, I would be really glad to see her.  However, actually having AF makes me very happy that I don’t have it more often. My cramps have been so bad that I am basically sitting at my desk moaning.  I am pretty sure no one else in the office can hear me (I am way at the back), but I am uncomfortable enough that I don’t even care.

By the way, cramps + wanding = pain. Usually, ultrasounds don’t bother me (other than the general embarassment and mild discomfort of having a probe up your hoo-ha), but today’s was bad.  The good news, however, is that all BW was normal and I am set to start stims tomorrow night.  Yep, I will now be injecting myself three times a day instead of just once.  In celebration of this honor, I got to write the first of several very large checks payable to my clinic.  I really hope this works.


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