Stim Day #6

So far, things have been moving along nicely.  Turns out that the Follistim pen, unlike my other injections, is much easier to administer in my abdomen than my leg.  Today’s U/S showed 22 follicles, with the largest at 13 mm. Unfortunately, 15 of the 22 are residing on my left ovary along with my two endometriomas.  To say that I am experiencing back pain would be the understatement of the year.  Of course, this seems like a small price to pay for a baby.

After I left the RE today, the nurse called me with my bloodwork results.


“A little high” she says.

Hmmm. I would not appreciate OHSS being part of my future. Dr. Soap has decided to reduce my follistim dose and check me again in the morning.  I don’t seem to have any symptoms other than back pain….shockingly, I have actually lost 2 pounds so far during this process.

Please let this work.

Please let this work.

Please let this work.


One Response to “Stim Day #6”

  1. sarasp Says:

    Hope it works!

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