Embryos Day 2

Amazingly, all 11 are still hanging in there.  My clinic grades on a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being the best.  Here are today’s stats:

5 4-cell, grade 4’s

4 4-cell, grade 3’s

1 3-cell, grade 3

1 2-cell, grade 4

I had heard that eating lots of protein during the stimulation phase helps with egg quality.  Given that I spent half of the stimulation phase puking, I wasn’t exactly in the mood for nice big steak (or eggs or chicken or any other protein source), so I drank high-protein Ensure. Maybe it actually helped…….


2 Responses to “Embryos Day 2”

  1. sarasp Says:

    Hope things continue to go well! Go embryos!

  2. sharah Says:

    That’s great news! Fingers crossed for continued success 🙂

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