Have you ever stared at negative HPT so long that you thought you were going to go cross-eyed?

I have.

I looked for the second line, but not reasonable person would say that one was there. I (being somewhat less than reasonable) almost managed to convince myself that there was a very, very, VERY faint second line.  Emphasis on the almost.

As a result of this morning’s POAS adventure, I have wasted most of the day doing the following four things:

1. Getting weepy.  No full on crying yet, but definitely weepiness.

2. Trying to convince myself that it is just too early and that I really am pregnant.

3. Trying to convince myself that the bulk package of HPTs from China that I bought on eBay are totally unreliable.

4. Reading the Consumer Reports article on HPTs.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that’s right. I researched HPTs on Consumer Reports.  Clearly, I am in full-on obsess mode, which will be hard to hide from DH this weekend.  He has no idea about this morning’s HPT because he doesn’t think I should test until Monday’s beta.

I think I want to scream.


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