Catching Up

My last post was more than three weeks ago.  At my last post, I was 5 weeks, 2 days pregnant and today I am 8 weeks, 4 days pregnant and still hanging in there.  The last few weeks have been a continuation of the roller coaster that I described in my last post. Although I wasn’t really ready to write about it, I hoped that I would be soon and I think that I am finally there.

At 6 weeks, we saw a yolk sac on the ultrasound.  Although I was relieved to see something, I was still afraid that (as the doctor told me 8 million times), this might not be a viable pregnancy.  My husband didn’t even go with me to the 7 week ultrasound because, honestly, I didn’t expect to see much.  What I saw was heartbeat, which both DH and I got to see again at the 8 week ultrasound.

So that’s the good news….now for the stuff that I am still working on.  At the 6 week ultrasound, a second sac without a yolk was also seen. At 7 weeks, it was still there and had grown, but no yolk sac was seen.  At 8 weeks, it was still there, but the growth has slowed down and still nothing is visible inside the sac. I am grateful for the one that is going strong, but I have to admit that I am a little sad about the second sac.  Once those two embryos were in me, I was really rooting for both of them and even though it might be selfish, I really wanted them both to stick.

We are definitely not out of the woods, yet. The sac is measuring a little behind the baby, so we officially have a note in our file that says “sac small for CRL (crown rump length).”  I do not recommend googling this; it will not make you feel good. At each ultrasound, my doctor has also done a blood flow study to measure the blood flow to my pelvis when I am laying down and standing.  For those of you who have never had this done, believe me that it is not fun. Being wanded is bad enough, but imagine being wanded while you try to stand up. This might not be so hard if you have skinny thighs, but I definitely do not, so I spend the whole time I am standing actually in kind of a squat position in order to try to give the ultrasound technician more room to work.

The 8 week ultrasound and blood flow study showed that my blood flow is significantly compromised when I stand, so I am now on bedrest for the foreseeable future. Of course, this happened right as a major deadline was approaching at work, so I have had to tell everyone in my office that I am pregnant so that they will understand why I am out during the busiest time of the year.

Today, I had my first trip to Babies R Us. I know, I just said I am supposed to be on bedrest, but I really needed to get out of my house and technically, I am only required to be in a reclining position for 80% of the day. I ran a few errands and it wasn’t long before the morning sickness kicked in (which, by the way, is not actually morning sickness, but could be more accurately described as an all-day aversion to food other than fried chicken).  I was close to BRU, so I decided to stop in and pick up some Preg.gie Pops.   Overall, the experience was not good. First, I was afraid that I would jinx myself by parking in one of the 20 expectant mother parking spaces.  Second, I just about had a panic attack once I got in the store, feeling like all the visibly pregnant women were wondering what the hell I was doing there.  Third, the preg.gie pops are both expensive and ineffective.

Anyway, that’s pretty much where I am now.  I am hoping to post more frequently as I get more comfortable with the idea of being pregnant, and I certainly don’t have work as an excuse since I am now spending my days laying in bed.  For now, I am still pregnant and still hopeful.


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  1. Tuesday Says:

    Hope you’re doing ok.

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